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17 May 2021

If you obey the rules during the trip and you listen carefully to the captain’s instructions, sailboat vacations are safe and unique.

You do not need to have any previous experience.

The food is prepared by the occupants. The food supplies may be provided either by pre-ordering and delivery on board or on the day before the departure or by you in advance. The dinner will be served in Skiathos, in one of the many taverns of the island (we can recommend you some) or on board. The skipper shares the prepared food with the rest of the company; otherwise, he receives 20 €/per day for meal costs.

Suitcases and excessive amounts of clothing and shoes should be avoided. In any case, we can provide you with baggage storage room without any charge. Shoes are not usually worn on board but if you want to wear, they must be soft. We recommend that you have sunglasses, a bathing suit, a mobile charger and a hat with you.

The boat has a fridge, a kitchen, kitchenware, dishes, etc.

For any information you would like to ask please do not hesitate to contact us!